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forZe secure quarter-finals spot at EPL S17

forZe came out on top in the winners match.

forZe took upon ENCE in the Group D upper bracket final. The winner advances to the quarter-finals, and the losing team goes to playoffs round 2.

forZe came out on top in the early stages of the game. A 6-1 lead in favor of forZe ended in total domination as the Russian roster went straight through ENCE and closed out the half leading 12-3. Despite ENCE trying their best to make the comeback, forZe were simply just too strong. Led by zorte, forZe secured themselves a 16-3 victory after winning four straight on the CT side.

Up next, Anubis. Once again were forZe the team to come out pressing the speeder. The Russian team establish themselves an impressive 10-5 T side. Swiching sides, ENCE started to smell the comeback. However, forZe kept to their playstaly and went 2-0 in the series as they closed out the map 16-13.

forZe - ENCE 2-0 | ESL Pro League Season 17

MVP: Krad - 1.36 rating / 41-31 K-D / 90.7 ADR

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