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1WIN retaliate with a second-round win in Malta

deko shines for the Russians as they now hold a 1-1 record in the Major qualifier.

In a full CIS battle at the European RMR at IEM Road to Rio, we saw forZe take on 1WIN in one of today’s opening matches from Group A. Here the lower-ranked 1WIN showed up with a great performance as they handed forZe their second loss of the tournament through a 16-14 score line.

During the match it was forZe who were in control of the majority of the time, going up 9-6 before the switch and also 11-6 later on. However, as we saw yesterday, they did not succeed in finishing off the map as 1WIN took over the control on Nuke.

In the end, Egor “flamie” Vasilyev and the rest of 1WIN did what forZe couldn’t by sealing the victory with the help of their strong and promising AWPer Denis “deko” Zhukov.  

1WIN – forZe 1-0 | IEM Road to Rio EU (Group A)

16-14 (Nuke) | deko – 1.61 Rating / 30-15 K-D / 95.7 ADR

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