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cadiaN: Many teams are copying things from the Heroic playstyle

Heroic IGL answers questions on Reddit!

Casper "cadiaN" Møller took his time to answer as many questions as he possibly could on Reddit. The fans or haters had 24 hours to ask him about everything they wanted to know.

We have gathered the best questions and answers from the post.

"Do you find that your "firey" attitude during the game impacts your relationship with other pros? Are some pros/personalities better at dealing with it than others? Has it impacted a relationship with another pro that you regret?"

- It has definitely impacted some relationships, but also some for the more positive. However, my shouting is 90% directed as positive comments towards my team, and if that's an issue for any of my competitors, then that's on him. Especially in recent times, many fellow players have shown their respect and told me to my face that they think I'm an awesome leader.

cadiaN thinks attitude can affect his relationship with other players in both negative and positive ways.

"Which AWP’er is the most annoying to play against?"

- Depends a bit on the day, and the definition of annoying. Sh1ro and Jame can be annoying because you never meet them, they are consistent, don't take many chances, and don't make many mistakes. s1mple is probably still the best answer, cause he wins the team games, and he always finds his way.

The world's number two in ZywOo isn't to be found when cadiaN names his toughest opponents. However, the Heroic IGL mentions two different AWPers and how their playstyle can be annoying in different ways.

"Do you think more teams are picking up the "chaos" style you are so good at applying? Pressuring the extremes of the map and so on?"

- Yes, many teams are copying things from the Heroic playstyle - I would say mostly as CT, this is something we have noticed a lot in recent times. Not all the teams have learned the "how and why's" though.

cadiaN believes that many people are seeking towards playing a more chaotic CT side. A chaotic CT side where the Counter-Terrorist is pushing the T's to take more space away from the attackers.

Read all the questions and answers on the link here.

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