Breaking: Source2 rumoured to launch this month!

It looks like it’s finally happening!

The long-awaited sequel to Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) is expected to launch very soon. According to the renowned journalist, Richard Lewis, “Valve is ready to shake the world with a beta release of Counter-Strike 2”.

On his own website Richard Lewis cite anonymous sources, who spills the beans about the new game.

- Speaking under the condition of anonymity sources with a knowledge of the game’s development told us that indeed there was a new version of Counter-Strike on its way and that had been worked on for some time. The new version is almost certainly set to be released under the title Counter-Strike 2 and the tentative release date for the beta is in this month of March with April 1st at the outside.

In the article, it is also revealed, that 128 tick servers are set to be included, while the engine obviously would be Source2.

So what will this mean to the current game? To competitive CS:GO? And what about the skins, will they be transferred over to the new game?

As for the last question, there should be no worries. Valve is making huge money every month on selling keys to open cases, so to believe that they would not have made a solution for this is almost absurd.

In terms of competitive CS, there is room for speculation. We have still not heard anything about the second Major of the year, which would most likely be played on the new engine. A good guess would be, that IEM Cologne in August would be the first tournament played on CS2. This would give Valve some time to fix the biggest mistakes.

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