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Will MOUZ NXT make it four in a row?

The playoffs at WePlay Academy League Season 4 start today.

Four teams are left to fight for the title and the $45.000 at WePlay Academy League Season 4.

MOUZ NXT and BIG Academy won their respective groups to qualify directly for the playoffs, while FURIA Academy and Fnatic Rising had to go through a Play-in bracket to make it through. The playoffs are set as a double-elimination bracket.

The opening round 24/6: (CEST)

15.00: BIG Academy - Fnatic Rising
18.15: MOUZ NXT - FURIA Academy

Highest rated players in Season 4:

1. Fessor (Astralis Talent) - 1.31 rating

2. phsy (Young Ninjas) - 1.30 rating

3. hyped (BIG Academy) - 1.27 rating

4. xertioN (MOUZ NXT) - 1.26 rating

5. regali (Fnatic Rising) - 1.25 rating

Previous Seasons:

Season 3: 1st MOUZ NXT, 2nd BIG Academy, 3rd Astralis Talent

Season 2: 1st MOUZ NXT, 2nd NAVI Junior, 3rd Young Ninjas

Season 1: 1st MOUZ NXT, 2nd Young Ninjas, 3rd Fnatic Rising

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