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MOUZ NXT secure spot in Grand Final

The BIG Academy roster had to see themselves beaten by the young guns of MOUZ NXT

The Academy division of CS:GO is without any doubt one of the most exciting aspects in the current professional Counter-Strike scene. Having a roster dedicated to the young prospects of this game means a faster progression for the young talents as well as them being able to further strengthen the Tier-one scene in the upcoming future. The WePlay Academy League Season 3 is beginning to become more and more intense with a Grand Final spot up for grabs as BIG Academy and MOUZ NXT locked horns. The favorites MOUZ NXT proved exactly why they are ranked as the best academy team at this current moment of time and took down BIG Academy with a confident 2-0 victory.

The first map was the choice of BIG Academy and was decided to play out on the soil of Inferno. Despite being BIG Academy’s most played map in the past three months (10 times), they are only averaging a win-rate of 50%. Today wouldn’t help the stats either, as they met a very competent MOUZ NXT side. With every MOUZ NXT player managing a positive K/D it was a phenomenal team performance that helped the predominately Polish roster get them over the line. At 16-10, BIG Academy would have to see themselves bested on their own map pick of Inferno.

The map pick of MOUZ NXT was Ancient and looking at the numbers, it makes sense. Having played the map 12 times in the past three months it seemed an obvious pick against BIG Academy that had only played the map twice in that time span. Whilst it seemed as if MOUZ NXT would have an easy time on Ancient, the Germans of BIG Academy posted a challenge from early on. Going toe to toe until the late stage of Ancient it was as close as possible between the two rosters. Ultimately, however, it was MOUZ NXT to pull through and finish what they had started on Inferno. The 16-12 victory on Ancient meant a 2-0 victory against BIG Academy and a spot in the Grand Final. 

Highlight of the BO3-series

MOUZ NXT - BIG Academy (2-0) | WePlay Academy League Season 3

16-10 (Inferno) |

siuhy – 1.62 Rating / 24-12 K-D / 87.7 ADR

16-12 (Ancient) |

JDC – 1.23 Rating / 25-16 K-D / 79.0 ADR


Kamil "siuhy" Szkaradek | 1.32 Rating / 43-32 K-D / 83.3 ADR

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