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Three times in a row! MOUZ NXT wins WePlay Academy League

There is no doubt who has the best academy team in the world!

For the third time in just as many tries, MOUZ NXT has captured the title at the WePlay Academy League.

In the tournament that displays the academy teams from a number of top-tier CS:GO teams around the world, MOUZ NXT has been a dominant force since day 1.

In the Grand Final of the third iteration of the tournament, it was this time BIG Academy, that was the last hurdle for MOUZ NXT. The two teams started the fight for the title (and the $45,000) on BIG's map pick, Vertigo.

Here the now Polish-dominated MOUZ NXT team had no problems taking down BIG Academy, despite some good performances from the BIG duo Karim 'Krimbo' Moussa and Marcel 'hyped' Köhn.

The match continued on Ancient. A map where BIG Academy had a 0% (out of three maps played) win record on. That didn't change today, as MOUZ just continued to swing the rounds in their favor. This time around it was the AWP'er Miłosz 'mhL' Knasiak, who had several big impact rounds to help his team to win another WePlay Academy trophy, as MOUZ won 16-9.

MOUZ NXT - BIG Academy (2-0) | WePlay Academy League Season 3

16-12 (Vertigo) | JDC – 1.32 Rating / 22-17 K-D / 85.6 ADR

16-9 (Ancient) |

mhL – 1.63 Rating / 26-15 K-D / 98.2 ADR

MVP: Miłosz 'mhL' Knasiak - 1.29 Rating / 43-36 K-D / 90.3 ADR

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