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cadiaN: I am not really proud of the final

Heroic came close to lifting the trophy in Rio but stumbled on the finish line.

After the 2-0 loss to Outsiders in the Grand Final of IEM Rio, we spoke with in-game leader Casper "cadiaN" Møller about the Final.

- If you look at the big picture, I am super proud of the tournament, but if you look at the final I am not really proud, to be honest. We played pretty awfully.

In the Grand Final, it was a very different Heroic side than the one, who 16 hours before had won a thriller match in the intense atmosphere in Jeunesse Arena against FURIA.

The batteries were running low, and we didn’t have a lot of time to reset from yesterday to today compared to Outsiders. But that is the circumstances that you have to perform under, and we weren’t just good enough.

Outsiders had five hours more to be ready for the Grand Final.

You can read more about the Grand Final here.

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