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Bymas released from MOUZ

After seven months on the bench is Bymas looking for new options.

After two and a half years at MOUZ Aurimas "Bymas" Pipiras is free to explore new options. The 19-year-old and MOUZ came to a mutual agreement which caused the rifle to no longer be a part of the MOUZ organization.

Bymas has been on the MOUZ bench since late August 2022. The young rifler had in recent years been playing well for MOUZ but had some problems with his performance during the middle of 2022 which caused MOUZ to put him on the bench. With MOUZ performing well with their active roster, Bymas is left with no other choice than to depart from MOUZ in hope of more playtime. During the 2022 season, Bymas averaged 1.07 Rating / 0.98 Impact / 73.8 ADR / 0.66 KPR / 72.0% KAST.

What the future will bring the Latvian rifler is yet to be decided, for now, he is a free agent looking for new options on the market.

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