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BLAST Spring Group B - Live

Watch along as Group B unfolds

Day 2 of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups is live and brings you another day of phenomenal Counter-Strike. Just the same as yesterday, today will be a series of thrilling Bo1 matchups between four battle-ready squads. Follow along down below and watch the matchups live as we find the victor of Group A at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022 event. All matches can be seen in the stream linked down below:

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022 (Group B)

15.00: Na'Vi vs. MIBR (0-1)

16.00: Astralis vs. OG (0-1)

17.30: Upper Bracket Final - MIBR vs. OG (0-1)

18.30: Lower Bracket Final - Na'Vi vs. Astralis (0-1)

20.00: Consolidation Final - MIBR vs. Astralis (0-1)

21.30: Group B Final - OG vs. Astralis

Watch the matchups LIVE right here:

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