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Best highlights from BLAST Premier Spring Final Semi-finals

Take a look at some of the best moments produced in the Semi-finals of BLAST Spring Final 2022

We are nearing the end of the ongoing BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022 event and are down to the last two giants. Later today at 18.30 (CEST) Natus Vincere and Vitality will lock horns in an exciting Grand Final in Lisbon, Portugal. For now, let's take a look at some of the best moments produced in the two Semi-finals of the event between G2 - Vitality and Natus Vincere - OG.

Vitality - G2 (2-1)

There are few as passionate in the professional world of Counter-strike as "apEX". Just as passionate as the French IGL is, just as experienced in difficult situations is he. Left alone with only 35 HP, the Vitality IGL managed to pull off an incredible clutch against the three G2 opponents rushing him down. Nothing says cool, calm, and collected as a perfect 1v3 clutch.

You all know his name. "ZywOo" is a different kind of beast once he is unleashed and is feeling himself. The French ace didn't fail to show up when facing G2 either. In the incredible highlight above the Vitality talisman gets an unbelievable kill dropping down in the vents and follows it up with two crisp and clean AWP kills. Things just look easy when you are that good.

Natus Vincere - OG (2-1)

When you are as good as "s1mple" you don't need more than a 'Deagle' in some rounds. Fighting against a well-equipped opponent can be scary if you are only wielding a sidearm yourself. A player that seemingly is never scared, however, is "s1mple". Equipped with Desert Eagle the Ukrainian superstar takes down four opponents, three of them with clean headshots. Is there anything "s1mple" can't do?

Whilst it is normally all eyes on "s1mple", a different player stepped up to the plate in a major way for Natus Vincere against OG. I am of course talking about "electroNic". The dangerous rifler who has now taken upon himself an IGL role within the roster is no joke when fired up. In the last map against OG on Mirage, he dropped 35 kills and made his opponents look like no match. What a beautiful 4K to finish of a masterclass in Mirage from "electroNic".

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