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"B1T" with new personal best performance!

"B1T" is starting to prove himself as a new star player for NAVI

The NAVI youngster of Valeriy "B1T" Vakhovskiy started competing for Natus Vincere's main roster in January 2021. Whilst he has had some difficult games at the start of his campaign he now seems to have finally found his footing in the NAVI roster.

In a Bo3-series against MIBR, he managed to post an impressive K/D of 46/36 with a 1.29 rating to follow. The performance marks his highest kill-total on a map so far and should signal his scary capabilities at the young age of only 18.

The recent form of "B1T" has lead NAVI to the decision of him and "flamie" each playing three maps, meaning that the experienced "flamie" is going to see less time in the server than previously. CSGO reporter Frankie Ward managed to get some words on the situation from "flamie" himself:

NAVI and "flamie" are currently facing MIBR in the ESL Pro League Season 13 on the second map of the series. You can watch it LIVE right here:

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