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Aurora first team out of EU RMR

Eternal Fire lives to fight another day after the elimination match.

Everything was on the line for both Aurora and Eternal Fire. Both teams had lost their two opening matches at the EU RMR and were facing elimination at the next loss.

The dangerous duo of woxic and XANTARES did everything they could to help the Turks win the first map of Vertigo. Both ended the map above 100 in ADR, which was more than enough to secure a 16-9 win.

On Mirage it was Eternal Fire, who again won the first half. And again it was XANTARES and woxic leading the pack with another top performance. But Aurora found the momentum towards the end of the map, which was enough to secure overtime. Here KaiR0N and the rest of the CIS roster managed to take Eternal Fire down and win Mirage.

Nuke was the setting for the last map. Here Eternal Fire fought off the CIS team to win their first match of the event and stay alive at the RMR tournament.

Aurora becomes the first team to be eliminated.

Eternal Fire - Aurora 2-1 | IEM Road to Rio RMR (Group A)

16-9 (Vertigo) | woxic – 1.56 Rating / 25–14 K-D / 105.7 ADR

15-19 (Mirage) | KaiR0N – 1.30 Rating / 30–22 K-D / 92.2 ADR

16-8 (Nuke) | XANTARES

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