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Astralis and Lucky secure opening win at EPL over Spirit!

The Danes managed to get a victory over Team Spirit in ESL Pro League after securing Ancient.

In a match where Astralis made use of their latest signing, Philip “Lucky” Ewald, the Danes also managed to clinch their first victory at ESL Pro League, after securing the decider of Ancient to wrap up the series 2-1! Magisk finished as the MVP of the series on the back of a crazy performance on Ancient.

Dust2: 11-16 | degster – 1.75 Rating – 26-10 K/D – 98.1 ADR

inferno: 16-6 | dupreeh – 1.36 Rating – 21-11 K/D – 87.5 ADR

Ancient: 16-7 | Magisk – 1.76 Rating – 27-12 K/D – 118.1 ADR

The match started on Dust ll where the Russian squad quickly asserted dominance on the T-side. degster and company stormed through the Astralis defense from the very beginning, and quickly took an 8-3 lead on the score line. The Danish squad found a way into the map and managed to grab the remaining four rounds before halftime. In the second half, Spirit didn’t let Astralis find space and remained in control most of the time, only allowing Astralis to add four rounds on the scoreboard, before wrapping it up 16-11.

Astralis’ Bubkzji finished in the bottom of the scoreboard with only 6 kills, while degster topped it with a K-D of 26-10.

Highlight: Wonderful retake by Team Spirit!

The Danes kicked off Inferno on a strong foot and instantly took an 4-0 lead, with Bubkzji outdoing his score from Dust2 just four rounds in the game. Bukbzji and company continued to impress as they rallied to a 12-3 lead before half time, on the back of a convincing defense. Spirit won the first three rounds in the second half, but Astralis didn’t let the Russian squad get up their hopes for comeback as they closed out Inferno 16-6 with a well-timed play from dupreeh.

dupreeh himself, topped the scoreboard with a 1.36 Rating. (21-11 K/D, 81.8% KAST, 87.5 ADR)

Astralis wrapped up the series 2-1 on the decider of Ancient, after closing out the map 16-7. Magisk popped off with 27 kills and helped his team to remain in control on the CT-side by delivering an exceptional performance. An opening victory like this over Team Spirit will definitely give the Danes a confident boost, going into their next matchup in the tournament.

Highlight: Bukbzji and Lucky solve an impossible 2v4!

MVP: Emil “Magisk” Reif – 1.20 Rating – 57-47 K/D – 84.6 ADR – 70.8% KAST

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