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Astralis is ready for the playoffs at ESL Pro League Season 15

The map victory against Complexity means that Astralis is ready for the playoffs.

The last map, Ancient, did not affect the group, but with a victory over Complexity, the Danes were able to advance with the honor intact. Astralis took the map on Nuke and locked a spot in the playoffs.

The action started with Complexity's map pick of Dust2, where the Americans got off to a strong start taking the lead 7-3. But then Astralis stabilized their defense, began to find their right footing, and secured the rest of the rounds in the first half. The second half started with Complexity winning the pistol round and both teams trading rounds before Grim and company closed the first map of the series 16-13.

Astralis took their second pistol round of the series on the T side, leading to an early 3-0 advantage. floppy came alive on the CT side, finding impact with the rifle and proving as they edged the first half 8-7. Complexity couldn’t win the compulsory pistol on the CT side to maintain their lead and quickly withered as the Danish team ran away with a 16-10 victory.

In the decider of Ancient, the action went back-and-forth with both teams in the early lead. The Danes got used to the playstyle of their opponents and started to dominate at the end of the half, which meant the half ended 9-6 in the favor of Astralis. The Danes won the pistol and the next four rounds before Complexity made a good comeback attempt until, eventually, Astralis closed out the map 16-14.

Astralis – Complexity 2-1 | ESL Pro League Season 15 (Group D)

13-16 (Dust2) | ⁠blameF – 1.68 Rating / 28-16 K-D / 98.3 ADR

16-10 (Nuke) | k0nfig – 1.54 Rating / 27-17 K-D / 90.5 ADR

16-14 (Ancient) | floppy – 1.47 Rating / 31-20 K-D / 96.5 ADR

MVP: Benjamin "blameF" Bremer – 1.39 Rating / 70-53 K-D / 93.5 ADR


Evil Geniuses – AGO 0-2 | ESL Pro League Season 15 (Group D)

11-16 (Dust2) | ⁠F1KU – 2.27 Rating / 40-13 K-D / 143.7ADR

11-16 (Inferno) | leman – 1.52 Rating / 27-13 K-D / 89.6 ADR

MVP: Maciej "F1KU" Miklas – 1.67 Rating / 61-30 K-D / 109.3 ADR

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