Kasper Straube

Credit: Heroic

Astralis hire new Director of Sports from Heroic

Kasper Straube replaces Kasper Hvidt as the new man in charge of Astralis.

Today Astralis has announced the recruitment of their new Director of Sports.

- Astralis has today entered an agreement with a new Sports Director, Kasper Straube. Kasper Straube comes from a position as Performance Manager of Norwegian esports organization Heroic and will officially join the organization on October 1st, Astralis writes on their website.

The Danish organization also emphasizes that the contact between the two was initiated by Straube's adviser.

- Out of respect for Kasper Straube’s current employer, however, we have no further comments until he officially joins the organization, other than that it has been a short and efficient process, initiated by Kasper Straube's adviser, who reached out shortly after the position became vacant.

On Twitter, Kasper Straube commented on the news.

Straube, who started out working with Heroic as a physio and osteopath, became Head of Performance at Heroic in November last year. On Astralis Kasper Straube replace Kasper Hvidt, who was sacked last week.

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