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Astralis defeat Evil Geniuses 2-0

The first Bo3-series of the BLAST Premier Fall groups event went the way of Astralis

Tier-one CS:GO is back with BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021 and the groups are looking stacked with the best of the best in the world of Counter-Strike. To start the event off was Astralis and Evil Geniuses. Whilst Astralis looked stronger than EG on paper, going into the Bo3-series, it is still early doors for the new-look Astralis roster and therefore unclear as to what we can expect from them. Today, against Evil Geniuses, they proved that perhaps we can begin to expect more from them once again. In just two maps the Danes of Astralis managed to shut down EG and secure their first victory of the event.

The first map was the pick of Evil Geniuses and saw the Bo3-series start things off on Dust 2. Seeing that Dust 2 is known for its open spaces and home ground for any good AWP’er, perhaps EG tactically targeted the inexperienced “Lucky” with their map pick. Whatever reason it proved a difficult task for the EG roster to contain Astralis on Dust 2 completely. Exchanging rounds in a close fashion the two rosters went to halftime at the scoreline of 8-7, favoring the EG roster. The second half, however, showed a dominating Astralis T-side. Without too much difficulty it was the Danes to take home the first map of the series at the scoreline of 16-11.

The second map of the series was to be played on Nuke and was, of course, picked by Astralis. Whilst it isn’t as strong a map as it used to be back in the dominating Astralis era, it is by no means a weak map for the Danes. With confidence carrying over from the victory on Dust 2, it was also Astralis to have full control on Nuke. Thanks to a dominating T-sided half the Danes secured an 11-4 lead going into the second half of Nuke. The second half was yet again in the name of Astralis. Finishing what they had started it was the Danes to take home Nuke at the scoreline of 16-10 and win their first Bo3-series at the event in only 2 maps.

Highlight of the BO3-series

Astralis – Evil Geniuses (2-0) | BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021

16-11 (Dust 2) |

Magisk – 1.39 Rating / 23-15 K-D / 86.2 ADR

16-10 (Nuke) |

Magisk – 2.02 Rating / 34-17 K-D / 131.7 ADR



Emil “Magisk” Reif| 1.69 Rating / 57-32 K-D / 108.5 ADR

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