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Credit: Bart Oerbekke ESL

Xyp9x is back! Astralis KO’s Liquid

There were glimpses of the old Andreas “Xyp8x” Højsleth in a very entertaining match against Team Liquid.

Team Liquid is out of DreamHack Masters Winter after a 2-0 defeat to Astralis.

The action started on Vertigo, where Team Liquid came out strong with a 10-5 lead. But the Danes answered back in style on their T-side. Device, Magisk, and Xyp9x all made excellent plays to turn the match around and secure the Danes a 16-14 victory.

An important win for the Danish favorites, who looked better and better throughout the map stealing Team Liquid’s map pick.

The loser of the match would be eliminated from DreamHack Masters, which put the pressure on the North Americans going into Inferno.

Here Astralis was dominant with their clever use of the utility. The Danes went to halftime with a 10-5 lead.

It was only dupreeh, who did not perform at his highest level for Astralis. At least until the second half of Inferno.

The four other members of the golden roster also played some very good Counter-Strike with Device being the absolute monster. The Danish AWPer finished Inferno with 29-11.

And in the end, Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth showed his amazing skills in clutch situations proving, that the Dane is back in form.

Astralis won Inferno 16-7 and the match 2-0.

They will now face the loser of G2 and Furia.

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