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Video: When zonic almost beat s1mple

A throwback to the Stand-off between NAVI and Astralis in 2019

1v1's are the closest thing you get to determine pure individual skill. With one player facing a single other player it is all down to who can hit their shots and play mind games with their opponent. At the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019, we saw perhaps one of the most iconic 1v1's in the history of Counter-Strike. With "device" being unable to participate Astralis' Head Coach Danny "zonic" Sørensen replaced his spot.

What he didn't know was that he was going to face, at the time, the worlds undoubtedly best player in Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev. However, "zonic" showed no respect towards "s1mple" and with him posting 5 rounds against "s1mple's" 7 rounds it was closer than one would have imagined.

Take a look at the legendary stand-off between Astralis and NAVI from 2019, where "zonic" almost beat the worlds best player in "s1mple":

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