Video: w0nderful ends the half with a 1v3 clutch against Liquid

The 17-year-old Ukrainian is ice cold!

Team Spirit and Team Liquid are currently playing each other in a do-or-die matchup at the IEM Rio Major, in which the winner of the match will advance to the Champions Stage, while the loser will be sent home packing.

Spirit’s 17-year-old Ukrainian wonder boy, Igor “w0nderful” Zhdanov is turning the first map, Vertigo, into his own personal playground. In the last round of the first half, the 17-year-old delivered an impressive and ice cold 1v3 clutch to send his team into the T-side with a 10-5 advantage. He also went into the second half being on top of the scoreboard with 119.7 ADR, 17 frags, and 5 deaths.

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