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Video: mantuu going massive on the B-hold!

The 23-year-old OG player shut down the enemy's push into B-site all by himself killing 4 opponents with his AWP.

OG’s AWP’er Mateusz “mantuu” Wilczewski was on fire in the first map of the Flashpoint 2 grand final against Virtus.pro.

The 23-year-old was OG’s most important player of the first map, as he led his team to a 16-10 victory on Mirage with a rating of 1.47 and 24-10 score, finishing on top of the scoreboards.

Not only was he the best player on the server, but he also managed to get a stunning 4k with his AWP on B-site where he was all alone and stopped a site push from Virtus.pro in their closing rounds to make his team only two rounds away from victory.

Watch the incredible 4k right here:

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