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Video: Lucky vs. Farlig

"NaToSaphiX" breaks down the key differences between "Lucky" and "Farlig"

Astralis struggled heavily after losing their star AWP'er of "dev1ce". After about three months the Danish powerhouse picked up the Tricked talent Philip "Lucky" Ewald to step in as the team's main AWP'er. But Astralis still struggled to find good performances, and "Lucky" was even taken off the role as the main AWP'er. After six months 19-year-old Ewald was benched and replacing him was Asger "Farlig" Jensen who was a more proven entity.
Since the addition of "Farlig", the results of Astralis have been more steady, and they are slowly trending upwards again.

We asked Niels Christian "NaToSaphiX" Sillassen to look through demos and give his takes on the two Danish AWP'ers. In the video seen below, the Danish streamer demonstrates the difference in playstyle, decision-making, mechanical ability, and much more. He also goes into depth about how they play within the Astralis system, and what they have each brought to the squad.

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