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valde Officially Benched By OG

"mantuu" is now the only original member left!

After rumors circulating about "valde"s future in OG it is now official that the two sides have parted ways. The Dane was a part of the team for more than two years, with both highs and lows throughout. There has been no official statement about "niko" who was also rumored to be leaving OG.

In an interview with Dexerto, the 26-year-old rifler revealed that the team wanted to rebuild with some younger pieces, which was not something that he wanted to be a part of, and understandably so seeing as he has been playing at a high level for many years now.

"mantuu" is now the only player left from the original team that also counted "Aleksib", "NBK-", "ISSAA", and of course "valde".

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