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valde: "it's something that i am never going to forget"

Pros explain their best LAN experiences and memories in front of a live crowd

CS:GO, whilst it is of course played online on a server, is meant to be played in front of a live crowd. The atmosphere at a big LAN event is something magical and has created memories for many fans as well as pros from across the globe to cherish for years. With the PGL Major 2021 in Stockholm we are finally beginning to see these phenomenal events take place in front of a live crowd - something that brings CS:GO to a whole different level.

BLAST Premier gathered various pros and asked them about their favorite LAN experience or memory of playing in front of a live crowd. When asked about his favorite LAN experience, the OG rifler Valdemar "valde" Bjørn Vangså had one very specific event in mind:

"My best LAN experience was probably the first BLAST Premier in Royal Arena, I think it was in 2017 if I'm not mistaken. Just the fact that we played in front of a full Danish crowd and just the vibrations, it's something that I am never going to forget."

To hear more about what experiences and memories some of the tier-one pros have gathered throughout the years, you can watch the entire series of interviews in the video posted down below:

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