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Today in CS:GO: Tuesday 21/06 - 2022

Fnatic's new roster will make its debut today with HEAP on the lineup.

The REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 continues with the rest of Group B today.

Here Fnatic will take on Into the Breach. An interesting matchup, where Fnatic will field their new trial player Ludvig "HEAP" Alonso alongside the revamped roster against their old AWP'er Owen "smooya" Butterfield, who is currently playing for the British team, Into the Breach.

Today's schedule: (CEST)

16.00: Fnatic - Into the Breach (REPUBLEAGUE Season 3)
16.00: BLUEJAYS - Apeks (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
17.00: EC Kyiv - SKADE (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
18.00: GTZ Bulls - OFFSET (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
18.00: Tricked - LDLC (ESEA Advanced Season 41)
19.00: Finest - SINNERS (REPUBLEAGUE Season 3)
19.00: Coalsce - ROYALS (ESEA Advanced Season 41)

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