Credit: STYKO

Credit: STYKO

STYKO shares his future plans after FunPlus Phoenix

Ex FPX player STYKO talks about his time with FPX and his plans for his career going forward.

Martin "STYKO" Styk has posted a statement on his blog, and uploaded a youtube video about the recent news with FPX and his future plans.

In his blog post, he shares his time with FPX and what it meant to all of them when they were signed. He also admits that they did indeed fail to live up to what was expected from them.

STYKO says that they put all their focus on making it to the major. But when the time came for the final RMR event IEM Fall, they flopped, and that was "the beginning of the end" for them.

Additionally, he explained that apart from their troubles in tournaments, they also had struggles with finding the right In-Game Leader for the team. He believes the project would have looked differently had they signed chrisJ earlier in the year.

In my honest opinion, the whole project would take much different turn had we land a contract with chrisJ in the beggining of 2021, but it wasn't meant to be for few reasons

For his future, STYKO stated that he does plan on staying in CS:GO, and that his goal is to compete in Tier 1 tournaments. Safe to say STYKO and CS:GO fans, there's no need to worry about him leaving for another game any time soon.

You can find his full blog post here.

In his youtube video, he shares that he and his teammates are still under contract and are not free agents. This means it will be harder for them to find opportunities, as they will have to be bought out of their contract first.

If you want to work with STYKO you can email him at or DM him on Twitter.

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