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Farlig hints towards creation of a new Danish roster

The young AWPer will look to form a new roster together with other Danish free agents if he doesn’t find a team soon.

Asger “Farlig” Jensen haven’t played an official CS:GO match since October last year, where he and the rest of the FunPlus Phoenix roster were benched following a lacklustre 2021-season. The 22-year-old Dane, who became a free agent in mid-January this year, has spoken with Dust2.dk about his future.

- Right now, I'm playing FACEIT and watching demos of matches to keep myself going. It's easy to fall "out of the loop" with all the small changes that constantly happens in the meta-game if you don't keep up.

- If I don’t put pen to paper on a contract soon, then I will probably look to form a roster with some of the other Danish players, who are free on the market, Farlig stated in an interview with Dust2.dk.

Here are some of the most profiled Danish free agents: 

Lucas 'Bubzkji⁠' Andersen

Asger 'Farlig⁠' Jensen

Mathias 'MSL⁠' Lauridsen

Philip 'aizy⁠' Aistrup

Niels Christian 'NaToSaphiX⁠' Sillassen

Frederik 'acoR⁠' Gyldstrand (Benched on MOUZ)

Nicklas 'gade⁠' Gade (Benched on BIG)

Farlig got his breakthrough on Copenhagen Flames back in 2018-2020, where he showcased his promising levels in lower-tier tournaments as LOOT.BET Season 4 and the Danish CS:GO league. His talents with the big green made the Sweden-based organization GODSENT sign him to their roster alongside the likes of Pavle “maden” Boskovic and Martin “STYKO” Styk.

Despite the unsuccessful spell with GODSENT/FPX, the young Dane haven’t lost his motivation to compete at the very top of CS:GO.

- I'm definitely not done (playing CS:GO). I'm hungry to play on a team again, where I can prove my worth as a player. I have not finished developing myself as a player at all, and will only stop with CS if I feel that I get stuck or lose the spark to play competitive CS, Farlig said to Dust2.dk.

You can read the entire interview (in Danish) with Farlig and Dust2.dk right here.

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