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Credit: Bart Oerbekke ESL

Stavn stars to keep Heroic alive in DreamHack Open

In the elimination match in the lower bracket in DreamHack open, Heroic won after a tight match against Sprout.

Sprout started with a bang at the T-side and quickly made it 4-0 on their map pick, Mirage. The ingame leader for Heroic, cadiaN changed the pace in round 5, and lead his team to a win with three kills with the AWP. The Danish side took nine rounds in a row and finished the first half with a 10-5 lead.

The German team did manage to fight their way back in the second half, but the individual class of Heroic denied the comeback. In round 17 the 18-year old Martin “stavn” Lund stole the show with an ace.

Heroic won Mirage with 16-11.

On Train, it was suddenly all reversed. On Heroics map pick, it was the German team that dominated completely. Snatchie and faveN made it look easy, and Sprout won the first half convincingly 11-4. The German team managed to secure the second map with a 16-10 win.

Nuke as the decider

The last map was Nuke. A map that both teams have had success with. Sprout had won their last 12 matches on the map, while Heroic has an 80% win rate.

Sprout started as the CT-side. For the first time in the match, both teams were winning rounds. As the map progressed the Danes showed, why there are currently ranked as the next best team in the world. Especially stavn showed his potential with a stellar performance with 30 kills during nuke.

Heroic sealed the match with a 16-12 win on Nuke and will face BIG in the early match on Friday at 13.00 CEST.

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