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Sprout bench former in-game leader

The German organization has announced the benching of refrezh.

Sprout has announced the benching of their former in-game leader, refrezh. In a statement released on their official Twitter account, the organization revealed that they have made a mutual agreement with the player to put him on the transfer list due to different views on the project.

The statement reads, “It’s with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to refrezh from our active roster. Due to different views on the project, we have made a mutual agreement to put him on the transfer list. We’re grateful for his commitment and the memories, especially our run to the IEM Rio Major in Brazil.”

Refrezh had been a part of the Sprout roster since August 2022 when he took over as an unexperienced captain. However, the team’s recent performances have been below par, and it has been difficult for them to find consistency, which seems to be the reason for the organization to make some changes to the roster to improve their overall performance.

Sprout also revealed that Zyphon would be returning to the active lineup, resuming his role in the team. The statement further added, “As for the search for a new IGL, we’re actively testing candidates and will keep you updated on our progress as the week closes.”

The organization is now on the lookout for a new in-game leader to replace refrezh and lead the team forward.

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