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Staehr on Astralis rumours: It would be hard to say no to them

Can a Danish CS:GO player decline an offer from Astralis? That was something we asked the Sprout youngster at IEM Rio.

Astralis is reportedly keeping an eye on Sprout’s Victor “Staehr” Staehr having placed the Danish youngster on their radar to round off their roster. Here the 18-year-old rifler is set to take over the vacant roster spot left by Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke.

We caught Staehr for a chat at IEM Rio where he confirmed that he hasn’t been in contact with Astralis yet, but where we also asked whether it’s possible for a Danish player to say no to Astralis.

- I think a Danish player can say no to Astralis. Of course, it would be hard because they have such a legacy and is a big name in Denmark. But it really depends on who will play there and whether you will play your own positions and stuff like this. So, it would definitely be hard because of the name, Staehr said to after eliminating NIP at IEM Rio.

You can watch the entire interview down below.

A promising future

Despite his modest age of 18, Staehr has already proven himself on the biggest stage of Counter-Strike. The teenager has by many experts and fans been dubbed as one of CS:GO's most promising talents, which Astralis seemingly also have noticed as they allegedly have reached out to Sprout for a potential transfer.

It was Jaxon that came out with the rumours and stated that Astralis were offering Asger "Farlig" Jensen in a potential trade deal.

An offer to which Sprout publicly replied with a 'No thanks'.

Staehr | Player profile

Name: Victor “Staehr” Staehr | 18-years-old

Role: Rifler on Sprout

Notable former teams: Quantum Bellator Fire, OPAA Gaming

Stats for last three months: 1.13 Rating / 82.5 ADR / 1.18 Impact rating / 70.7% KAST

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