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Spirit and HEET goes for five overtimes on marathon map

The Russians from Spirit and the French team HEET played 2 hours and 30 minutes on Dust2.

Spirit took on HEET in what ended up being a five hour and 30 minutes match.

Starting off on HEET´s map pick, Spirit and HEET were standing side by side throughout the hole game. 6-9 in the first half - 9-6 in the second half sent the game into overtime.

Starting off at 15-15, Spirit and HEET kept on following each other. Despite HEET getting an 18-21 lead and only needing one round on the T side, Spirit kept on playing at a high level as the Russian team also managed to get three consecutive rounds on the CT side. The game kept on going until 31-28 when spirit finally took down three rounds in a row on the CT side, and managed to convert that into just one round win on the T side. 1 hour and 15 minutes of overtime made this the longest game we have seen in professional CS for a while.

Spirit vs HEET | ESL Challenger League Season 43 Europe

31-28 (Dust2) | magixx 1.28 Rating / 49-31 K-D / 81.0 ADR

Despite winning HEET´s map pick, Spirit also lost their own as they got dominated by HEET on Nuke. Spirit bounced back and took the win 16-3 on Ancient and the game 2-1.

Spirit vs HEET highlights:

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