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Credit: Joe Brady

The Return of the Pistol Kings

Astralis has dramatically improved their pistol-rounds during 2021.

With the Group Stages done at ESL Pro League Season 13, we have taken a look at the stats from the first phase of the tournament.

Gambit leads the way in team rating after the five matches with a 1.18 rating. Heroic, Team Liquid, and Astralis follow on the next places.

Looking at the pistol-rounds, the Danish roster from Astralis is on top. They won 75% of all the pistol-rounds during the 12 maps, that they played. A significant improvement from the start of the year, where the Danes had big problems with the same area.

Astralis pistol rounds win:

BLAST Premier Global Finals: 27,3%
BLAST Premier Spring Groups: 50%
IEM Katowice 2021: 60%
ESL Pro League Season 13: 75%

Another interesting stat from the tournament show, that even though the Australians from Renegades had a tough time at ESL Pro League, their utility use was on top. They averaged 34.1 ADR in every round.

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