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refrezh: I was actually happy Heroic kicked me; I didn’t fit in as a player

The Dane reveals that he has taken a step down the ladder to get a more influential role on the server.

One would think that being fired or cut from a team is a very unfortunate situation for an individual. However, that’s not the case for all people.

When Ismail “refrezh” Ali earlier this year was benched by Heroic the Danish rifler explained that he actually felt a slight relief, he stated in an interview with Duncan “Thorin” Shields' show 'Talk to Thorin'.

In the interview, the newly-signed Sprout player describes how he didn’t fit in as a player while playing together with Casper “cadiaN” Møller and Heroic.

- [After being benched] Many people came to me saying “oh man, I’m so sorry you got kicked, it’s not fair” and this kind of stuff. But I was actually happy to get kicked from the team. (…) I learned a lot in Heroic and we had good results, but I didn’t fit in as a player.

- I really like the people on Heroic and the management, and we were all great friends – but as a player it has been really stressful not being able to spread out your wings and do your best as a player, feeling a bit limited by the roles.

"Could have signed for a much bigger team"

refrezh was announced as a new signing for Sprout in August this year together with his countryman Ramus “Zyphon” Nordfoss, with taking over the important in-game leader role. But he could have signed for a bigger team, refrezh revealed to Thorin.

- I could for sure have signed with a much bigger team and maybe compromise a bit with myself as a player but I was not willing to do that again. It was actually me who contacted Sprout. I was just looking at HLTV’s list of all the teams and trying to envision myself in one of these teams - and for me, Sprout was the place I wanted to be.

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