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Sprout takes down B8 to qualify for Major

The new roster delivered another stellar performance in today's match.

Sprout has been one of the pleasant surprises at the EU RMR.

The new roster with three Danes, a German, and the Romanian super talent Laurențiu 'lauNX' Țârlea was 2-1 up after three rounds at the RMR before their match against B8.

An intense match ended on Inferno after both teams had won their own map pick by small margins. But on Inferno Sprout was simply the better team, and showed fine CS on both their T and CT side. Victor 'Staehr' Staehr made a big impact on Inferno following in the footprint of his Danish teammates who also dominated a map each.

Sprout has only ever qualified for one Major previously, so this is a landmark in their history.

B8 can still qualify for the Major tomorrow in the last round of the EU RMR.

B8 - Sprout 1-2 | IEM Road to Rio RMR (Group A)

16-13 (Nuke) | refrezh – 1.63 Rating / 32–18 K-D / 112.7 ADR

13-16 (Vertigo) | Zyphoon – 1.54 Rating / 30–19 K-D / 102.7 ADR

7-16 (Inferno) | Staehr – 1.99 Rating / 27–11 K-D / 130.7 ADR

Player of the Match: Victor 'Staehr' Staehr

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