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Player of the Day: Rafael “saffee” Costa

Day two of the PGL Major Challengers Stage is over and we have found our Player of the Day!

Rafael “saffee” Costa from paiN is our Player of the Day!

The 26-year-old Brazilian stepped up huge in paiN’s elimination match against their fellow countrymen from Sharks and helped his team survive another day at the Major to keep the Legends Stage dream alive.

Despite getting a slow start to the elimination series with only 15 frags on the first map, paiN’s saffee came out guns blazing when it mattered most, in the next two maps, where he put up a stellar showing and did everything in his power to keep his team alive at the Major. The 26-year-old finished off the match on top of the scoreboard with 75 frags in total and the highest rating (1.27) on the server.

As a result of his excellent performance, saffee now tops the charts in three categories:

Total kills

1. saffee (paiN) | 116
2. stavn (Heroic) | 113
3. roeJ (CPH Flames) | 112

Clutches (1vsX) won

1. saffee (paiN) | 5
2. Lucky (Astralis) | 4
3. cadiaN (Heroic) | 4

Total AWP kills

1. saffee (paiN) | 74
2. Jame ( | 57
3. zevy (Sharks) | 52

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