paiN batter FURIA 2-0 to win BLAST Spring Showdown NA |

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paiN batter FURIA 2-0 to win BLAST Spring Showdown NA

What an upset by paiN!

paiN is the champion of BLAST Premier Spring Showdown North America after defeating their powerful countrymen from FURIA with an impressive 2-0 Grand Final victory on Vertigo (22-20) and Inferno (16-8). 

The #1 result means that Vinícios “PKL” Coelho and the rest of paiN have clinched a spot at the prestigious BLAST Premier Spring Final in Lisbon in mid-June. Here the Brazilians will prove their strength against top-tier competition like NAVI, FaZe and G2. 

In the title decider, it was once again paiN’s Rodrigo “biguzera” Bittencourt who stepped up to the plate and presented a phenomenal performance against Andrei “arT” Piovezan and company. 

The 25-year-old rifler ended the series with a solid 1.38 Rating, which also was a deciding factor for his overall MVP award throughout the entire event. 

paiN - FURIA 2-0 | BLAST Premier Spring Showdown NA

22-20 (Vertigo) | biguzera - 1.37 Rating / 38-28 K-D / 87.5 ADR 

16-8 (Inferno) | hardzao - 1.53 Rating / 24-13 K-D / 97.1 ADR

MVP: Rodrigo “biguzera” Bittencourt - 1.38 Rating / 58-39 K-D / 86.0 ADR

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