OG turned shaky start to win against Illuminar

OG is still alive in Group B after a dominant win on Overpass.

The Polish team Illuminar fancied their chances against OG after a dream start to Overpass. On their T-side Illuminar managed to go ahead 5-0 against Nemanja "nexa" Isaković and his men. But from here on everything fell apart. OG won ALL rounds after that to secure their first victory at the RMR tournament. A stellar ace clutch from Maciej "F1KU" Miklas against his countrymen was the highlight of the match.

OG is now 1-1 in the Swiss system and will face another team with an equal score tomorrow, while Illuminar needs to win all their remaining matches at the tournament to stay alive.

OG - Illuminar 16-5 | IEM Road to Rio RMR (Group B)

(Overpass) | Maciej 'F1KU' Miklas – 1.92 Rating / 23–9 K-D / 101.9 ADR

Another national lineup in SAW also had to take a defeat today in Group B. The Portuguese roster lost 16-3 to Monte, who blew them off the server on Nuke.

SAW - Monte 3-16 | IEM Road to Rio RMR (Group B)

(Nuke) | Volodymyr 'Woro2k' Veletniuk – 1.90 Rating / 20–8 K-D / 117.1 ADR

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