OG survive another day at IEM Rio Major

Abdul “degster” Gasanov carries the Europeans yet again as they eliminate IHC after a strong 14-7 comeback on Ancient.

Today’s match between OG and IHC came way closer than many expected, however, in the end, it was still the favourites led by Nemanja “nexa” Isakovic who ended up on the winning side of things.

That means OG stay alive at IEM Rio with a confident 2-0 victory, while the Mongolian underdogs on the other hand are eliminated from the $1.25 Million tournament. OG is set to play again tomorrow in the swiss format, where they will go up against another 2-2 team to determine their fate.

OG – IHC 2-0 | IEM Rio Major Challengers Stage

16-11 (Inferno) | degster – 1.59 Rating / 28-15 K-D / 101.5 ADR

16-14 (Ancient) | degster – 1.31 Rating / 27-18 K-D / 73.6 ADR

MVP: Abdul “degster” Gasanov – 1.44 Rating / 55-33 K-D / 86.8 ADR

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