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OG defeat NiP and remain undefeated

OG is yet to be bested in the ESL Pro League Season 14

The ESL Pro League Season 14 is starting to get more and more intense with the group stage having been concluded and the play-offs initiated. We’re currently in the Quarter-finals of the event and it was NiP and OG to kick things off with a brawl. Both teams have shown a, perhaps surprisingly, good form at the event. One team, however, has been ever so slightly more impressive and that team is OG. Today, once again, they proved that they are taking the necessary steps toward becoming a real contender within the scene, as they managed to take down NiP 2-1 and remain undefeated in the ESL Pro League S14.

The first map was the pick of NiP and the Ninjas opted for Overpass as the first map of the series, seeing that they were denied the choice of Ancient as their map-pick. Both teams are capable on Overpass, and it showed as soon as the Bo3-series started. Going toe to toe, there was little difference between the two sides, and it seemed impossible to grasp which team had the advantage. A victor wasn’t found in regulation time either as we needed overtime to find the stronger team. Ultimately, however, the Swedes and “device” pulled away from OG, taking home Overpass at the scoreline of 19-15.

The second map of the series was to be played on Mirage. Surprisingly the choice of Mirage was left open for the OG side to choose, as NiP had instead opted to ban Vertigo. And perhaps that was a good call after all. At least it wasn’t a case of being NiP being blown out of the water. Once again, both teams proved their ability and Mirage was anyone’s map to take home. At the scoreline of 8-7, favoring the Ninjas it was as close as possible going into the second half of the series. The second half started in the favor of NiP, however, “flameZ” made sure that that would soon change. At the scoreline of 16-12, the European OG roster forced a final map in the series.

The third and final map of the Bo3-series was set to take place on the iconic Dust 2. With the map allowing for AWP’ers to pop off on an individual level, the head-to-head between “mantuu” and “device” would be an instrumental one. NiP Is known for having trouble converting T-sided rounds and on Dust 2 it was the same story. Only securing four rounds in the first half of Dust 2, the NiP boys had to do something spectacular in order to make a comeback. The spectacular never happened and after denying NiP a single round in the second half of Dust 2, it was OG that could call themselves victorious at the scoreline of 16-4. With that victory, OG remains undefeated.

Highlight of the BO1-series

NiP – OG (1-2) | ESL Pro League Season 14

19-15 (Overpass) | REZ – 1.64 Rating / 41-23 K-D / 110.9 ADR

16-12 (Mirage) | flameZ – 1.46 Rating / 26-15 K-D / 91.7 ADR

16-4 (Dust 2) | flameZ – 1.79 Rating / 22-9 K-D / 109.3 ADR



Shahar “falmeZ” Shushan| 1.37 Rating / 73-49 K-D / 88.8 ADR

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