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OG announce head coach for new academy team

The experienced "crisby" is the spearhead of the new OG academy project

In February earlier this year, OG revealed their plans for an upcoming academy team. Aiming to create a sustainable future for the OG esports organization, an academy project was introduced as a way to further strengthen their CS:GO division. Head of Esports at OG, Mike Schwartz stated back then that creating a system where talent can grow was always a main focus of his:

"Talent development has always been a key focus for me in any project – not only in working to build up the existing talent on the main roster, but creating a system that can grow talent underneath."

Two months later a head coach has been appointed and announced to spearhead the OG academy team and project in general. Tasked with creating and handling the OG academy team is 30-year-old German veteran Christian "crisby" Schmitt. With plentiful experience within the competitive CS:GO scene himself, most known for his time with ALTERNATE aTTaX, he seems a great candidate for establishing what is hopefully a big step in the right direction for OG.

"crisby" himself is very excited about the project appointed to him, thanking OG for the opportunity to work under a big organization within Esports:

"First of all, I’m really happy and grateful for getting the opportunity to work for such a world class organization on their academy project to develop players for the future,"

OG's main team is currently struggling, so a new venture into the youth-ranks and an establishment of a, hopefully, fruitful academy team could not have come at a better time than now. Whether or not the academy team now officially to be led by "crisby" will be a success or not, time will have to tell. One thing is for sure, however, OG are taking the deccessary steps to establish the required foundations of a successful CS:GO division in this current climate.

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