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OG reveal plans for an academy team

Another big esports organization has jumped on the popular trend and decided to invest in the future.

The renowned esports organization, OG has announced the creation of a new academy team as they seek to “bolster the CS:GO division with the addition of an academy roster that will facilitate the growth of up and coming players”

OG haven’t signed any players to their new talent team, with the organization reaching out to potential youngsters to apply for a spot.

The Denmark-based org follows the footsteps of other big European teams as MOUZ, Astralis, NIP and many other who also have decided to invest in the future and establish an academy team under their star players.

Head of Esports at OG Esports, Mike Schwartz stated the following:

- Talent development has always been a key focus for me in any project – not only in working to build up the existing talent on the main roster, but creating a system that can grow talent underneath.

- We’ve known there has always been parallels in traditional sport development which have been adapted across various league structures, and now CS has been seeing more talent come through this system. It is an exciting time for the next generation of players, and we hope to be a destination for them, Schwartz said in a statement.

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