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North CEO steps down

The CEO of North Christopher Håkonsson was on sick leave but would not return to the organization.

Christopher Håkonson has been the CEO of the Danish organization since October 2019 but will not return due to a severe concussion after crashing on his racing bike the team has confirmed.

Alexander Pedersen has taken over and been promoted to interim CEO from his role as a chief marketing officer. Pedersen is known for rebranding the North logo back in January to present it in a more aggressive Viking-like style.

The new CEO said the organization is seeking additional financial investment.

 “What North is looking for, is the next natural step for an organization like ours. We want an extra investor to come in and help drive and scale the new initiatives we are planning to execute on in the coming years. There is a massive opportunity in esports and to capitalize on it we need more know-how.” Pedersen said in a statement.

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