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New mental health program for CS:GO players

CSPPA has joined forces with We.Care in order to launch a new health program for pros

The Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association, known as the CSPPA, has joined forces with a Danish online mental health company called We.Care. After having cooperated with the North roster for a two-months-period, they are now expanding their mental health program to include all CS:GO professional players.

FunPlus Phoenix player Martin "STYKO" Styk explains in a statement regarding the news, how CS:GO players are exposed to a lot of stress due to the current professional environment:

"When it comes to mental health issues, CS:GO players are particularly exposed to such issues because of the stress of our busy tournament and practice schedules,"

The new program will feature the possibility for professional players to get sufficient help in pressed and difficult situations. CEO and Founder of We.Care, Linisha Palm, explains that the company is more than ready to help the players with the needed tools and guidance:

"Our therapists have an elite sports background making them able to truly understand what kind of pressure CS:GO players are under. At the same time though, CS:GO is a very unique discipline with rigorous training programs that can take a toll on anyone."

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