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Credit: Helena Kristiansson ESL

North destroyed by Furia in new roster debut

Only 10 rounds. That was the total amount of rounds, that North won against Furia at DreamHack Masters Winter.

With two new players in the lineup, North got destroyed by Furia at DreamHack Masters Winter.

The Danish side had Kristoffer “Kristou” Aamand and Rasmus “kraez” Johansson in their lineup for the first time. North picked Overpass as their map pick. And boy did it turn out bad. Immediately Furia took control of the map and went ahead by 7-0. A big lead that the Danes never recovered from losing Overpass with 16-4.

On Inferno, it did not get much better for North. From 3-3, there was only one team on the server. Furia went to halftime with another huge lead 12-3.

In the second half, North started best and got a small momentum. But the fun ended quickly in the hands of KSCERATO, who won a clutch situation. Furia won the match with 16-4, 16-6.

North will now how to make a run in the lower bracket to qualify for the playoffs, while Furia will face the winner of G2 and Nemiga

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