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Former North IGL: We just weren’t good enough.

MSL says that North didn’t have the funds to build a top 5 team.

North announced earlier this week, that they have decided to remove their IGL Mathias “MSL Lauridsen and Philip “aizy” Aistrup from their active roster.

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MSL has in an interview with dust2.dk opened up out about his second stay at North. The 25-year old player explains how the Danish organization didn’t have the funds and resources to achieve their goals.

”When I signed for North, the goal was to go for top 5 in the world. Already this summer, it was clear that there were no resources to acquire the necessary reinforcements. North is in a situation where they have to go for a more sustainable strategy: That is why they have chosen talent development.”

Watch MSL and his fragmovie from his MVP event at DreamHack Masters Stockholm.

In the interview, MSL also explains how the team and organization didn’t fully commit to the project and didn’t go the extra mile to improve their level of CS.

“We had our bootcamps, we had long days at the office, but it’s about spending even more time. This also applies when you are not training with the team. It could be watching demos, playing individual, thinking about your own game. There must be given 120%, if it is to succeed. This was not done to a high enough extent.”

The former IGL continues by saying:

“I could come up with a lot of excuses, but in the end, we just weren’t good enough. My opinion is that we lacked firepower. If you want to succeed with less firepower than the teams you face, you have to work much harder than all the others.”

You can read the entire interview by dust2.dk featuring MSL on the following link (Danish).


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