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NIP drops to lower bracket after loss in Scandinavian Derby

Despite winning the first map the Swedes ran out of fuel in the end against Heroic.

What kind of NIP would turn up to BLAST Fall Finals in Copenhagen? The one that plowed through the RMR’s or the one that crashed out of IEM Rio? Well, the answer was somewhere in the middle.

On Inferno the Swedes had some starting difficulties on their T side. At 0-7 they finally scored a point which initiated a fine comeback only trailing 7-8 at the break. The second half started evenly, but then Fredrik "REZ" Sterner stepped up to deny Heroic’s offense in several key moments. The Swede both used the AWP and rifles as he dominated the second half leading NIP to a 16-13 win on the first map.

For Heroic it was about washing away the lackluster performance as the match continued on Ancient. The only bright spot had been stavn, who had been on fire on Inferno. The talented rifler carried that with him to Ancient, where he plowed through NIP in a very one-sided first half. A 12-3 lead was converted to a 16-6 win for Heroic.

On the last map of the series, Overpass, the Swedish squad got completely destroyed by cadiaN and company, who dominantly cruised their way to a 16-4 map victory to secure a spot in the Upper final of Group A where FaZe already awaits. The exciting matchup between Heroic and FaZe will kick-off tomorrow at 13:00 (CET). Meanwhile, NiP will have to fight their way out of the Lower final, where they will take upon OG in an elimination match.

Heroic – Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-1 | BLAST Premier Fall Finals

13-16 (Inferno) | stavn – 1.75 Rating / 31-19 K-D / 121.7 ADR

16-6 (Ancient) | cadiaN – 1.53 Rating / 19-14 K-D / 100.0 ADR

16-4 (Overpass) | jabbi – 1.89 Rating / 20-9 K-D / 107.3 ADR


Martin ”stavn” Lund – 1.50 Rating / 65-42 K-D / 98.1 ADR / 87.3% KAST


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