Credit: BLAST Premier and Stephanie Lindgren

Heroic conquer the world ranking!

The Danes are on top of HLTV’s World Ranking for the first time since Counter-Strike’s return to LAN in late 2021.

After winning the BLAST Premier Fall Final in Copenhagen, Denmark, Heroic saw themselves sit atop HLTV’s World Ranking for the first time since Counter-Strike returned to LAN in late 2021, becoming the fourth team in just five weeks to occupy the #1 spot in the ranking. This shows exactly how hard it has become to sit at the top of Counter-Strike. cadiaN and company were sitting in second place before the update, where they were just behind Outsiders who secured the title victory in Rio at the IEM Rio Major 2022.

In the final of the BLAST Premier Fall Final, Heroic took down karrigan’s troops from FaZe, who now are to be found in the Top 3 of the ranking after a jump from eighth place.

There’s now only one big event until the winter break, the BLAST World Final, where several Top 10 teams will attend. This is the last chance for teams to grab more points for the World Ranking until the winter break.

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