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nexa on OG rebuild: We tried to get YEKINDAR and jks

Are there teams any in need of a rifler who happen to have $1.000.000 in spare?

After OG's impressive upset over s1mple and the rest of NAVI at BLAST Spring Final Lisbon, we got the chance to speak with the man calling the shots at OG - at least on the server - Nemanja "nexa" Isakovic.

In the interview, nexa touches on the recent rebuild of the roster, where he revealed that NEOFRAG and F1KU weren't their first options. Further down that road, the Serbian also revealed YEKINDAR's price tag on

Basically, we tried to get YEKINDAR, but his buyout is somewhere around $1 Million – so that was a no-go. We tried to get jks, but he wasn’t interested in joining us. And then from the others, NEOFRA and F1KU were the best choices from the other available players. (…) They were not cheap, we still paid the buyout that was needed to pay.

I know a lot of people and analysts speculated in maybe we could get YEKINDAR, maybe we could get jks. But as I said, we couldn’t afford YEKINDAR and jks was pretty much not interested.

You can watch the entire interview down below.

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