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nexa: We make too many individual mistakes

OG lost to Astralis in an intense three-map thriller!

Astralis came out on top and qualified for the BLAST Spring Final after they took down OG in an intense match. The game came down to an overtime decider where the Danes from Astralis secured themselves their first big win in 2023. OG´s IGL Nemanja "nexa" Isaković talked with BLAST after their disappointing loss to Astralis.

- I think that the main problem on our CT side right now is that we make too many individual mistakes or that we leave too many gaps to the opponents. Astralis basically knew how to explode our playstyle. We said to ourselves that if we could somehow just grab a couple of rounds we could bring it back on the T-side.

Watch the full clip with the OG IGL here:

Read more about the Astralis vs. OG game in the article below:

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