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Astralis bounce back and qualifies for Spring Finals

The Danes came out on top in a thriller series against OG.

Astralis is ready to play at BLAST Premier Spring Final after they took down OG in an intense series that ended in a three-map thriller.

OG started out best as they managed to steal away Astralis´s map pick Inferno 16-14. But, the Danes fought back and took down OG on their map pick Vertigo 16-14. The decider of the match came down to Ancient. Following the rest of the series Ancient came to be just as close as the previous maps. Both teams secured themselves a 10-5 T side which took the intense match to overtime. Despite OG winning the first round, Astralis bounced back and took the map win and the last spot at BLAST Premier Spring Final in Washington.

Astralis´s new signing Christan "Buzz" Andersen had a rough debut in the Astralis jersey. The young Dane struggled to find success during the matches against the top-tier teams in the world. However, the 19-year-old rifler showed impressive signs of improvement. When looking at his first match of the event compared with yesterday's match against OG, buzz looks a lot more comfortable on the big stage than he did just ten days ago. Astralis´s own superstars Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz and Benjamin "blameF" Bremer showed great consistency throughout the entire event. blameF: 1.23 Rating / +37 K-D Diff / 1.18 K/D - Device: 1.11 Rating / +31- K-D Diff / 1.16 K/D.

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